• Stepanec V.G.

Geodynamic position of the Tekturmas accretionary prism ophiolites (Central Kazakhstan). Part 2 6-21

  • Paragulgov H.H., Paragulgov T.H., Musina E.S.

The correlation of paleozoids of the East Ural, Tian Shan and West of Central Kazakhstan 22-32

  • Omirserikov M.Sh., Stepanenko N.I., Issaeva L.Zh., Asubayeva S.K.

Model construction of the Akmaya field and its predictive values 33-38

  • Omirserikov M.Sh., Kembayev M.K., Issayeva L.D., Dyussembayeva K.Sh., Slaby Ewa, Assubayeva S.K.

Mineralogy and structural model of the weathering crust of Kundybay deposit (North Kazakhstan) 39-50

  • Azhgaliev D.K.

Forecast for gas and oil content of paleozoic complex of the Ustyurt-Bozashi region and Mangyshlak 51-63

  • Shabalina L.A., Fazylov E.M., Musina E.S., Prikhodko D.E.

Deep structure and geodynamics of Syr Darya basin 64-73

  • Beloslyudtsev O.M., Uzbekov N.B., Bahareva L.T., Musaev E.M.

Analysis of low-frequency variations of the electromagnetic field 74-81

  • Tursunova A.A., Saparova A.A.

Temporal fluctuations of water resources of South and South-East Kazakhstan 82-89

  • Khusnitdinova М

Environmental protection measures for rational nature management in the border area of the kazakh-kyrgyz sector 90-94

  • Bektenov N.A., Ergozhin E.E., Sadykov K.A., Baydullayeva A.K..

High potential construction materials based on petroleum wastes 95-101

  • Genbach А.А., Оlzhabaeva К.S.

Studies of internal boiling characteristics of the capillary-porous structures of power plants by high-speed cinematography and holography 102-108

  • Nurpeisova M.B., Kurmanbaev O.S.

Laws of devolopment of geomechanical processes in the rock mass Maykain mine 109-115

  • Kopzhassaruly K.

Laws of development of geomechanical processes at the mine Akbakai 116-122

  • Zhirnova O.V., Toigozhinova A.Zh., Imanbek B, Zhumabek S., Zhakhanov A., Sommer N.A., Kulakova E.A. Suleimenov B.A.

Diagnosis of combustion process biogas and gas power plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 123-135

  • Bahtaev Sh., Toigozhinova A.Zh., Seytimbetov A.M., Zhirnova O.V., Tileubaeva А.А.

Development of automated installation for air ozonization in the working volume 136-145

  • Seitmuratov A.Zh., Makhambayeva I.U., Medeubaev N.K.

Analysis of tensely of the deformed state of pedigree array near-by making 146-153

  • Genbach A.A., Jamankulova N.O.

The limiting condition of capillary-porous structure under the single steam bubble 154-161

  • Teltayev B.B., Amirbayev Y.D.

Evaluation of rheological characteristics for bitumen binders at different longivities of thermal condition 162-172

  • Sarsenbayev Kh.A., Khamzina B.S., Koldassova G.A., Issayeva G.B.

The analysis of the research of reagents for simplification of solution density when carrying out layer development 173-177

  • Kaldybaeva B.M., Khusanov A.E., Dmitriev E.A., Sabyrkhanov D.S., Abilmagzhanov A.Zh.

Modelling with simultaneous phase transfer chemisorption of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in the chemisorption apparatus 178-184

  • Turebekova G.Z., Shapalov Sh., Sakibayeva S.А., Zharylkasyn P.M., Pusurmanova G.Zh., Sagitova G.F., Esentayeva K.N., Makhambetov M.Zh.

Application of oil industry wastes (sludges and sulfur) in rubber production 185-189

  • Alzhanova A.Zh., Bitekova A.А., Suleimbek G.A., Dubinina E.S., Turebekova G.Z., Omashova G.Sh., Naukenova A.S., Shapalov Sh.K.

New raw materials for energy-efficient production technology of white Portland cement 190-194



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