• Ergaliev G.K., Pirogova Т.Е.

New data on stratigraphy and paleontology of the Chingiztau series the middle cambrian Shyngyz ridge (East Kazakhstan, Arkalyk zone) 5-9

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Jurassic lake of Karatau: the present state of the unique location of the fossil flora and fauna 10-23

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The main boundaries of oregenesis formation in the orogenic structures of the caledonids of Northern and Central Kazakhstan 24-34

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Forecasting resources of rare metal deposits based on the analysis of ore-controlling factors 35-43

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About geotectonic position of porphyry copper deposits in Central Kazakhstan 44-53

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Comprehensive interpretation of GWL diagrams with using the Geolog program 54-65

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Analysis of geomorphological and engineering-geological conditions of territory in central part of Trans Kazakhstan channel 66-71

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The rationale and definition of prospects by the use of groundwater for irrigation, forage production and pastures irrigation of Kazakhstan 72-83

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About distribution rare microcomponents in passing stratal waters at the oil and gas fields of peninsula Mangyshlak 84-94

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Physico-geological basis of efficiency of application of aeromagnetic method in oil-gas Caspian lowland 95-99

  • Narbayev T., Zauerbek A.K., Narbayev M., Narbayeva K.

Improvement of the methodology and scientific-technical basis of the adjustment parameters of reservoirs in the pool of undrained rivers (case study of Ile river basin) 100-113

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Oxidative roasting of collector gold-containing mattes 114-121

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Groundwater treatment from hexavalent chromiumusing in situ technology 122-128

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Dependence of sulfide-alkaline leaching of oxidized lead-zinc barite ores sinters 129-142

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Research parameters of an ejector knot of device for coring from deep well 143-150

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Prospects of aluminum industry development in Kazakhstan 151-160

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Groundwater water-salt balance of Shengeldy irrigated lands using water-saving technologies 161-174

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The effect of thermal treatment of converter slags from Balkhash Copper-Smelting Plant on their structure and phase composition 175-184

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Hydrogeochemical features of nitrogen therms of Alakol basin (East Kazakhstan) 185-197

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Redistribution of the concentrations in polyelectrolyte hydrogels contacts as the basis of new desalination technologies 198-205

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Optical fiber exhaust management systems and innovative technologies for its production 206-212

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The technologyof irrigation of alfalfa by drainage-waste waters in Kyzylorda region 213-215

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The geoecological characteristics and recreational potential of the projected state nature reserve «Bokeyorda» in West Kazakhstan region 216-227

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Applied tasks of plates fluctuation under more difficult boundary conditions 228-235

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Ways for improvement of strength characteristics of a fire pressure hose 236-240

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Possibilities to use vermiculites for sorption cleaning of phosphorus-containing sludge 241-244

  • Kuralbayev Z.K., Taurbekova A.A.

Numerical analysis of the character of efflux of highly viscous fluids from the "narrow channel" 245-255

  • Teltayev B.B.

Fatigue failure of asphalt concrete pavement. 1. Self-organization and mechanical interpretation 256-275

  • Seitmuratov Zh., Medeubaev N.K., Madelhanova A.Zh., Kainbaeva L.S., Djuzbaeva A.M.

Decisions of equalization of vibrations of hyperbolic type by the of decomposition method 276-283

  • Teltayev B.B.

Importance of rocks in road construction 283-292



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