Carboniferous and permian - the final stage of formation of continental crust Kazakhstan     5-19

Stratigraphical levels and ore mineralization of the Karamurun (Southern Kazakhstan)     20-34

On gold-bearing of upper courses of the Large Almatinka river (Northern Tien Shan)     35-42

On initial geological results of the target study of the upper devonian formations of the south eastern Pre-Caspian basin     43-55

The magmatic-sedimentary facies of Kenderlik middle-late carboniferous sedimentsand their role in the formation of oil shale facilities     56-64

Geothermal field sedimentary cover Chundzha-Dubun protrusion (Zharkent depression)     65-76

Hydrochemistry of reservoirs of the river basin of Arys in the territory of the Southern Kazakhstan area     77-89

 Analysis technology of extraction strontium from natural brine    90-97

Computer modelling of the strips rolling process in the longitudinal-wedge mill and calculation of it heavy-duty elements durability     98-107

Numerical investigation of the aberrational coefficients of a box shaped cathode lens     108-114

Investigation of sorption characteristics of anionex exchange resins related to gold at its extraction from polycomponent solutions     115-122

Theoretical justification of an automatic device for drilling mud funnel viscosity measurement     123-132

Prospects for the development of the process of intensive cyanidation of gold-containing products in the Republic of Kazakhstan     133-141

Assessment of the effectiveness of the use of palladium in catalytic SHS-units for diesel engines    142-147

Fatigue destruction of asphalt concrete pavement. 2. Thermodynamics     148-169

Model of purification of PDC bolts for walking wells on oil-gas field name     170-176

Complex electrothermic processing of the poor oxide ore of the Achisay deposit     177-183

Ceramic proppants from raw materials of Kazakhstan for oil and gas industry     184-191

Extraction of iron and chrome from ilmenite chromiumcontaining concentrate     192-199

Phase transformations of hydrated titanium dioxide at thermal processing     200-207

Non-contact measurement meters of micro-sizes on coronary discharge     208-218

Laboratory installation for electrolytic-plasma treatment of steel    219-224

Thermodynamic evaluation of probability of dissolution of secondary heat-resistant nickel-containing alloy GS32-VI by mineral acids solutions    225-232

Device for purification of airs of poultry plants    233-236

Estimation of aerotechnical pollution in the vicinity of the thermal power plant (TPP-3) in Karaganda according to snow survey (Republic Of Kazakhstan)    237-247

Complex modification technology of bituminous insulating materials    248-257

The field studies and monitoring soil on the territory of the planned state nature reserve "Bokeyorda" West Kazakhstan region    258-269

Geological structure and methods of increasing oil recovery of the productive horizons of the Arystan deposit    270-275

The geological prerequisites for increasing oil production at the North Karamandybas field   276-280