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Carboniferous and permian - the final stage of formation of continental crust Kazakhstan     5-19

  • Zhaimina V.Ya.

Stratigraphical levels and ore mineralization of the Karamurun (Southern Kazakhstan)     20-34

  • Skrinnik L.I., Koshkin A.V., Amanbaev R.A., Bulegenov K.U., Silachyov I.Yu., Gadeev R.R., Perevozov S.V., Plehova K.R.

On gold-bearing of upper courses of the Large Almatinka river (Northern Tien Shan)     35-42

  • Aubakirov A.A., Zhamauov Zh.K., Aimagambetov M.U., Pankratov V.F., Yeskozha B.A.

On initial geological results of the target study of the upper devonian formations of the south eastern Pre-Caspian basin     43-55

  • Fazylov E.M., Musina E.S.

The magmatic-sedimentary facies of Kenderlik middle-late carboniferous sedimentsand their role in the formation of oil shale facilities     56-64

  • Vyalov V.D., Kan S.M., Kurmangaliyeva Sh.G.

Geothermal field sedimentary cover Chundzha-Dubun protrusion (Zharkent depression)     65-76

  • Krupa E.G., Romanova S.M.

Hydrochemistry of reservoirs of the river basin of Arys in the territory of the Southern Kazakhstan area     77-89

  • Isabekov R.B., Itemen N.M., Kurmangaliyeva Sh.G.

 Analysis technology of extraction strontium from natural brine    90-97

  • Mashekov S.A., Absadykov B.N., Nurtazayev A.E., Mashekova A.S., Nugman E.Z., Rakhmatullin M.L., Polechuk A.I.

Computer modelling of the strips rolling process in the longitudinal-wedge mill and calculation of it heavy-duty elements durability     98-107

  • Ibraev A.T., Sagyndyk A.B.

Numerical investigation of the aberrational coefficients of a box shaped cathode lens     108-114

  • Altynbek Sh.Ch., Bolotova L.S., Baikonurova A.O.

Investigation of sorption characteristics of anionex exchange resins related to gold at its extraction from polycomponent solutions     115-122

  • Biletsky M.T., Ratov B.T., Bayboz A.R.

Theoretical justification of an automatic device for drilling mud funnel viscosity measurement     123-132

  • Surimbayev B.N., Baikonurova A.O., Bolotova L.S.

Prospects for the development of the process of intensive cyanidation of gold-containing products in the Republic of Kazakhstan     133-141

  • Azamatov B.N., Ozhikenov K.A., Azamatova Zh.K.

Assessment of the effectiveness of the use of palladium in catalytic SHS-units for diesel engines    142-147

  • Teltayev B.B.

Fatigue destruction of asphalt concrete pavement. 2. Thermodynamics     148-169

  • Fedorov B.V., Ratov B.T., Sharauova A.B.

Model of purification of PDC bolts for walking wells on oil-gas field name     170-176

  • Shevko V.M., Aytkulov D.K., Atamkulov B.B., Izbaskhanov K.S., Naimanbaev M.A.

Complex electrothermic processing of the poor oxide ore of the Achisay deposit     177-183

  • Biryukova A.A., Vakalova T.V., Dzhienalyev T.D., Tihonova T.A.

Ceramic proppants from raw materials of Kazakhstan for oil and gas industry     184-191

  • Onayev M.I., Ulasyuk S.M., Naimanbayev M.A., Markayev Ye.K., Kasyzhanov K.K.

Extraction of iron and chrome from ilmenite chromiumcontaining concentrate     192-199

  • Naimanbaуev M.A., Lokhova N.G., Kviatkovskaia M.N., Baltabekova Zh.A., Barkytova A.E.

Phase transformations of hydrated titanium dioxide at thermal processing     200-207

  • Bahtaev Sh.A., Bochkareva G.V., Musapirova G.D.

Non-contact measurement meters of micro-sizes on coronary discharge     208-218

  • Kozha E., Smagulov D.U., Akhmetova G.E., Kombaev K.K.

Laboratory installation for electrolytic-plasma treatment of steel    219-224

  • Baikonurov E.G., Usoltseva G.A., Chernyshova O.V., Drobot D.V., Akpanbayev R.S.

Thermodynamic evaluation of probability of dissolution of secondary heat-resistant nickel-containing alloy GS32-VI by mineral acids solutions    225-232

  • Abdurrahmanov A.A., Bahtaev S.A., Bokanova A.A., Mataev U.

Device for purification of airs of poultry plants    233-236

  • Adil’bayeva Т.E., Talovskaya А.V., Yazikov Y.G.

Estimation of aerotechnical pollution in the vicinity of the thermal power plant (TPP-3) in Karaganda according to snow survey (Republic Of Kazakhstan)    237-247

  • Myrkhalykov Zh.U., Bazhirov Т.S., Kemalov А.F., Kemalov R.А., Syrmanova K.K., Botashev Ye.Т.

Complex modification technology of bituminous insulating materials    248-257

  • Salikhov T.K.

The field studies and monitoring soil on the territory of the planned state nature reserve "Bokeyorda" West Kazakhstan region    258-269

  • Ozdoyev S.M., Mashrapova M.A.

Geological structure and methods of increasing oil recovery of the productive horizons of the Arystan deposit    270-275

  • Ozdoyev S.M., Tileuberdi N.

The geological prerequisites for increasing oil production at the North Karamandybas field   276-280


  • Ergaliev G.K., Pirogova Т.Е.

New data on stratigraphy and paleontology of the Chingiztau series the middle cambrian Shyngyz ridge (East Kazakhstan, Arkalyk zone) 5-9

  • Nigmatova S.A., Kosenko A.A., Dzhumanov S., Usipova A.B., Shermahan B.

Jurassic lake of Karatau: the present state of the unique location of the fossil flora and fauna 10-23

  • Kurchavov A.M., Hamzin B.S.

The main boundaries of oregenesis formation in the orogenic structures of the caledonids of Northern and Central Kazakhstan 24-34

  • Omirserikov M.Sh., Agata Duczmal-Czernikiewicz, Isaeva L.D., Asubaeva S.K., Togizov K.S.

Forecasting resources of rare metal deposits based on the analysis of ore-controlling factors 35-43

  • Serykh V.I., Makat D.K.

About geotectonic position of porphyry copper deposits in Central Kazakhstan 44-53

  • Borisenko G.Т., Bizhanova G.J.

Comprehensive interpretation of GWL diagrams with using the Geolog program 54-65

  • Mitrofanova А.N., Kalita R.Sh., Abitbayeva A.D., Uxukbayeva S.A.

Analysis of geomorphological and engineering-geological conditions of territory in central part of Trans Kazakhstan channel 66-71

  • Мukhamedzhanov M.A., Маkyzhanova A.T., Кulagin V.V.

The rationale and definition of prospects by the use of groundwater for irrigation, forage production and pastures irrigation of Kazakhstan 72-83

  • Kan S.M., Murtazin E.Zh., Edilhanov A.M.

About distribution rare microcomponents in passing stratal waters at the oil and gas fields of peninsula Mangyshlak 84-94

  • Sharapatov А., Shayakhmet М.

Physico-geological basis of efficiency of application of aeromagnetic method in oil-gas Caspian lowland 95-99

  • Narbayev T., Zauerbek A.K., Narbayev M., Narbayeva K.

Improvement of the methodology and scientific-technical basis of the adjustment parameters of reservoirs in the pool of undrained rivers (case study of Ile river basin) 100-113

  • Kvyatkovskiy S.A., Kozhakhmetov S.M., Ospanov Ye.A., Semenova A.S., Seisembayev R.S.

Oxidative roasting of collector gold-containing mattes 114-121

  • Salybekova V.S., Kalitov D.K., Zavaley V.A., Rakhimov T.A.

Groundwater treatment from hexavalent chromiumusing in situ technology 122-128

  • Sokolovskaya L.V., Kvyatkovskiy S.A., Semenova A.S., Kim L.P., Seisembaev R.S.

Dependence of sulfide-alkaline leaching of oxidized lead-zinc barite ores sinters 129-142

  • Ratov B.T., Fedorov B.V., Sabirov B.F., Korgasbekov D.R.

Research parameters of an ejector knot of device for coring from deep well 143-150

  • Kenzhaliyev B.K., Kuldeyev E.I., Abdulvaliyev R.A., Pozmogov V.A., Beisembekova K.O., Gladyshev S.V., Tastanov E.A.

Prospects of aluminum industry development in Kazakhstan 151-160

  • Kulagin V., Umbetaliev D., Auelkhan Y., Makyzhanova A., Karataev D.

Groundwater water-salt balance of Shengeldy irrigated lands using water-saving technologies 161-174

  • Sit’ko Ye.A., Sukurov B.M., Ospanov Ye.A., Medvedev O.S.

The effect of thermal treatment of converter slags from Balkhash Copper-Smelting Plant on their structure and phase composition 175-184

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Hydrogeochemical features of nitrogen therms of Alakol basin (East Kazakhstan) 185-197

  • Suleimenov I.E., Mun G.A., Pak I.T., Kabdushev Sh.B., Kenessova Z.A., Kopishev E.E.

Redistribution of the concentrations in polyelectrolyte hydrogels contacts as the basis of new desalination technologies 198-205

  • Aitchanov B.H., Wojcik W., Tergeusizova А.S.

Optical fiber exhaust management systems and innovative technologies for its production 206-212

  • Baishekeev A., Rau A.

The technologyof irrigation of alfalfa by drainage-waste waters in Kyzylorda region 213-215

  • Salikhov T.K., Salikhova T.S., Khalel G.K.

The geoecological characteristics and recreational potential of the projected state nature reserve «Bokeyorda» in West Kazakhstan region 216-227

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Applied tasks of plates fluctuation under more difficult boundary conditions 228-235

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Ways for improvement of strength characteristics of a fire pressure hose 236-240

  • Shapalov Sh.K., Arystanova S.D., Tleuov A.S., Bitemirova A.E., Kerimbayeva K.Z., Adyrbekova G.M., Kuspangaliyeva Kh.H.K., Makhambetov M.Zh., Kenzhalieva G.D., Altybaev Zh.M.

Possibilities to use vermiculites for sorption cleaning of phosphorus-containing sludge 241-244

  • Kuralbayev Z.K., Taurbekova A.A.

Numerical analysis of the character of efflux of highly viscous fluids from the "narrow channel" 245-255

  • Teltayev B.B.

Fatigue failure of asphalt concrete pavement. 1. Self-organization and mechanical interpretation 256-275

  • Seitmuratov Zh., Medeubaev N.K., Madelhanova A.Zh., Kainbaeva L.S., Djuzbaeva A.M.

Decisions of equalization of vibrations of hyperbolic type by the of decomposition method 276-283

  • Teltayev B.B.

Importance of rocks in road construction 283-292


  • Zholtaev G.Zh., Nalibaev M.I.

Devonian reefs of Northern Torgay are highly prospectivefor prospecting for new oil and gas fields 5-11

  • Skrinnik L.I., Ivanova N.I., Kovalenko N.Е.

Сarboniferous depossits of South-East Kazakhstan area frontier to China 12-22

  • Umarbekova Z.T., Dyusembayeva K.Sh., Kubashev K.T.

The Bakyrchik deposit and views on the formation of the mineral deposits in black shale beds 23-30

  • Kudaybergenova N.K., Stetsyura M.M., Fazylova O.S., Semashko V.A.

Copper-bearing mineral cuprite in the deposits of Kazakhstan 31-36

  • Baisalova A.O., Dolgopolova A.V., Seltmann R., Stepanov A.V., Bekenova G.K.

Variations of chemical composition of gagarinite from the Verkhnee Espe deposit, as indicator of mineral forming conditions and position in metasomatic column 37-45

  • Fazylov E.M., Shabalina L.V., Prikhodko D.E., Musina E.S.

About the features of accumulation of fine-grained terrigenous serpukhovian-bashkiriansediments of early and middle carboniferous in central part of Syr-darya sedimentary basin and their oil and gas perspectives 46-55

  • Tulemissova Zh.S.

Comparative characteristics and conditions of formation of hydrocarbons sediment traps in the West Siberian, Shu-Sarysu and Caspian basins 56-62

  • Borisenko G.Т., Issagaliyeva А.К.

Comprehensive analysis of the core and GWL cretaceous and jurassic sediments of South Torgay depression 63-73

  • Nurmagambetov A.

The role of palaeoseismological data in assessment of the seismic hazard in Kazakhstan 74-79

  • Sadykova A., Poleshko N.

The parameters of the seismotectonic deformations of the Northern Tien Shan earth's crust in 2015 80-89

  • Romanova S.M., Ponomarenko O.I., Niyazbaeva A.I., Аmirgaliev N.А.

Quality of water cooler-reservoir of Ekibastuz Power Plant-1 named after Bulat Nurzhanov 90-99

  • Nasirov R., Sljusarev A.P., Samatov I.B., Kuspanova B., Nasirov A.R.

Applying of geochemical methods for the study of the geological section of oil and gas wells 99-106

  • Stepanenko N.P., Belousova N.P., Kaidash T.M.

Development of the two-dimensional density model of the eearth’s crust and subcrustal mantle of Kazakhstan 107-115

  • Rakishev B.R.

Technological resources for improving the quality and completeness of use of the mineral raw materials 116-124

  • Bektenov N.A., Ergozhin E.E., Sadykov K.A., Ryspaeva C.B.

Getting new concrete materials based on industrial waste 125-131

  • Onayev M.I., Ultarakova A.A., Naymanbayev M.A., Markayev Y.K., Kasymzhanov K.K.

Determination of the optimal processing parameters titanomagnetite concentrate Masalskoe deposit 132-142

  • Kenzhaliyev B.K., Gladyshev S.V., Abdulvaliyev R.A., Omarova S.A., Beisembekova K.O., Manapova A.I., Imangalieva L.M.

Activation of ash slag waste before chemical enrichment 143-148

  • Aitimov M.Zh., Ozhikenov K.A., Aitimova U.Zh., Dauitbayeva A.O., Baimuratov O.A.

Analysis of the structure and calculation of time for the environmental monitoring system with multi-parameter sensors 149-156

  • Kaiym T.T., Gribanov V.F., Temirbekov E.S., Kaimov S.T., Kaimov Ab.T., Kaimov A.T., Kaimova G.T., Abildabekova D.D.

The modeling of the theoretical and mathematical system and specifically the stochastic processes of the dynamical system an innovative mechanism for grasping of the robot for overloading the highly radioactive firm waste of fuel element from the secondary container into the main container 157-174

  • Mahmetova N.M., Solonenko V.G., Bekzhanova S.T.

The calculation of free oscillations of an anisotropic three-dimensional array of underground structures 175-184

  • Baimukhametov A.A., Martynov N.I., Ramazanova M.A., Tanirbergenov A.G.

Applied aspects of researches of mathematical modelling of salt diapirizm in oil and gas business 185-193

  • Toigozhinova Zh.Zh., Darkenbayeva E.B..

Synthesis of parameters in closed-loop system of frequency converter – asynchronous motor of centrifugal pump on ECM 194-200

  • Nurushev M.Zg., Diarov M.D., Nurusheva A., Yussupova M.

Development of oil fields on the shelf of the caspian sea and the risk level of accidents 201-211

  • Dyusembina Zh.K.

Modification of the quasilinear control system of biomedicine 212-221

  • Kaliyeva K.Zh., Uteshkaliyeva L.Sh., Toigozhinova Zh.Zh.

Questions of resilience of isolation of traction to dynamic overloads 222-227

  • Abdimutalip N., Abdraimova K., Zholmagambetov N., Abishova G., Akeshova M.

Neutralization of the polluted soil by a composting method 228-233

  • Turebekova G.Z., Shapalov Sh.K., Takibayeva G.A., Dayrabayeva A.Zh., Sihinbayeva Zh.S., Meziani S., Zharylkasyn P.M., Makhambetov M.Zh.

Applications of sulphur obtained when oil production in the compounding of rubber mixes 234-238

  • Kurbaniyazov S.K., Abdimutalip N.A., Ibragimova E.K., Alchinbayeva O., Toychibekova G.B.

The study on the environmental significance of glauconite deposits of the South Kazakhstan region with their further application in agriculture 239-244

  • Genbach A.A., Jamankulova N.O.

Development of the high-forced capillary-porous heat-removing systems 245-251

  • Salikhov T.K.

The current state of soil fertility geoecosystems the West Kazakhstan 252-256


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Correlational stratigraphic scheme of Ili plate’s devonian formations       5-17

  • Stepanets V.G., Levin V.L., Savelyev N.A., Khakimzhanov M., Makat D.K.

Evolution of picrite magmatism and ore formation in the Ulytau region of Central Kazakhstan       18-36

  • Korobkin V.V., Samatov I.B., Slussarev A.P., Levin V.L., Tulemissova Zh.S., Kotelnirov P.E.

Basic (basalt) igneous rocks on the territory of Kazakhstan and the possibility of their use for the production of mineral wool fibers       37-45

  • Baibatsha A.B., Mamanov E.Zh.

Geology and geodynamics of Karsakpay-Ulytau geosuture zone and its prospects for minerals       46-62

  • Shabanova T.A., Glagolev V.A.

The size of natural nanoparticles of carbon and silica of black shales       63-70

  • Zhaimina V.Ja., Salmenova M.E.

Productive levels for the oil accumulation in the jurassic sediments of the South Torgai oil and gas basin       71-78

  • Aksholakov E.B., Sharapatov A., Togizov K.S., Arshamov Ya.K.

Zhitikara ore district: minerals and ores of rare earths and their prospects of studying logging methods       79-86

  • Shaytorov V.N., Akhmetov E.M., Aldabergenova G.N.

Experience of geophysical methods in studying the tectonic structure of a cut in the target diversion tunnel HPP Moinak      87-95

  • Janabilova S.О., Ischuk А.R., Abdrakhmatov К.E.

Deterministic seismic hazard assessment of Northern Tien-Shan     96-101

  • Panichkin V.Yu., Miroshnichenko O.L., Trushel L.Yu., Zakharova N.M.

Use of GIS Technology for assessment of natural underground water reserves of the quaternary aquifer system, South Balkhash artesian basin     102-111

  • Shestakov F.V.

Condensing mine water     112-119

  • Rakishev B.М., Bilyalov B.D., Absalyamov H.K., Alaguzova А., Bilyalov А.S.

The problems of technogenic landscape     120-123

  • Kan S.M., Murtazin E.Zh., Vyalov V.D.

Geothermal water Zharkent artesian basin and prospects creation on their based complex of thermal and power production     124-134

  • Ozhikenov K.A., Mikhailov P.G., Aitimov M.Zh.

Design issues of the concept of emergiency monitoring and control system building     134-140

  • Teltayev B.B.

Evaluation of fatigue characteristics of hot mix asphalt with polymer additives     141-148

  • Yakubova M.Z., Serikov T.G., Muratova A.K.

Protection of IP-telefony networks on the basis of asterisk from interception of data    149-156

  • Mukhanov B.K., Wójcik W., Omirbekova Zh.Zh., Orakbayev Y.Zh.

Study of in-situ leaching of metals by numerical simulation    157-166

  • Teltayev B.B., Amirbayev Y.D.

Experimental evaluation of strength for asphalt and polymer modified asphalt concretes at low temperatures    167-176

  • Zhirnova O.V., Suleimenov B.A., Toigozhinova A.Zh., Wojcik W.T.

Construction of mathematical model the combustion of biogas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions    177-185

  • Teltayev B.B., Amirbayev Y.D.

Experimental evaluation of strength for asphalt and polymer modified asphalt concretes at low temperatures    186-196

  • Bahtaev Sh., Toigozhinova A.Zh., Zhirnova O.V., Wojcik W.T., Suleimenov B.A., Koshimbayev Sh.K.

Modeling of processes in the zone of corona discharge ionization    197-204

  • Mukhanov B.K., Wójcik W., Omirbekova Zh.Zh., Orakbayev Y.Zh.

Study of in-situ leaching of metals by numerical simulation    205-216

  • Umbetkulova A. , Khajiyeva L.

Analysis of drill string nonlinear vibrations with its own weight   217-225

  • Zhirnova O.V., Suleimenov B.A., Toigozhinova A.Zh., Wojcik W.T.

Construction of mathematical model the combustion of biogas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions   226-235


  • Stepanec V.G.

Geodynamic position of the Tekturmas accretionary prism ophiolites (Central Kazakhstan). Part 2 6-21

  • Paragulgov H.H., Paragulgov T.H., Musina E.S.

The correlation of paleozoids of the East Ural, Tian Shan and West of Central Kazakhstan 22-32

  • Omirserikov M.Sh., Stepanenko N.I., Issaeva L.Zh., Asubayeva S.K.

Model construction of the Akmaya field and its predictive values 33-38

  • Omirserikov M.Sh., Kembayev M.K., Issayeva L.D., Dyussembayeva K.Sh., Slaby Ewa, Assubayeva S.K.

Mineralogy and structural model of the weathering crust of Kundybay deposit (North Kazakhstan) 39-50

  • Azhgaliev D.K.

Forecast for gas and oil content of paleozoic complex of the Ustyurt-Bozashi region and Mangyshlak 51-63

  • Shabalina L.A., Fazylov E.M., Musina E.S., Prikhodko D.E.

Deep structure and geodynamics of Syr Darya basin 64-73

  • Beloslyudtsev O.M., Uzbekov N.B., Bahareva L.T., Musaev E.M.

Analysis of low-frequency variations of the electromagnetic field 74-81

  • Tursunova A.A., Saparova A.A.

Temporal fluctuations of water resources of South and South-East Kazakhstan 82-89

  • Khusnitdinova М

Environmental protection measures for rational nature management in the border area of the kazakh-kyrgyz sector 90-94

  • Bektenov N.A., Ergozhin E.E., Sadykov K.A., Baydullayeva A.K..

High potential construction materials based on petroleum wastes 95-101

  • Genbach А.А., Оlzhabaeva К.S.

Studies of internal boiling characteristics of the capillary-porous structures of power plants by high-speed cinematography and holography 102-108

  • Nurpeisova M.B., Kurmanbaev O.S.

Laws of devolopment of geomechanical processes in the rock mass Maykain mine 109-115

  • Kopzhassaruly K.

Laws of development of geomechanical processes at the mine Akbakai 116-122

  • Zhirnova O.V., Toigozhinova A.Zh., Imanbek B, Zhumabek S., Zhakhanov A., Sommer N.A., Kulakova E.A. Suleimenov B.A.

Diagnosis of combustion process biogas and gas power plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 123-135

  • Bahtaev Sh., Toigozhinova A.Zh., Seytimbetov A.M., Zhirnova O.V., Tileubaeva А.А.

Development of automated installation for air ozonization in the working volume 136-145

  • Seitmuratov A.Zh., Makhambayeva I.U., Medeubaev N.K.

Analysis of tensely of the deformed state of pedigree array near-by making 146-153

  • Genbach A.A., Jamankulova N.O.

The limiting condition of capillary-porous structure under the single steam bubble 154-161

  • Teltayev B.B., Amirbayev Y.D.

Evaluation of rheological characteristics for bitumen binders at different longivities of thermal condition 162-172

  • Sarsenbayev Kh.A., Khamzina B.S., Koldassova G.A., Issayeva G.B.

The analysis of the research of reagents for simplification of solution density when carrying out layer development 173-177

  • Kaldybaeva B.M., Khusanov A.E., Dmitriev E.A., Sabyrkhanov D.S., Abilmagzhanov A.Zh.

Modelling with simultaneous phase transfer chemisorption of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in the chemisorption apparatus 178-184

  • Turebekova G.Z., Shapalov Sh., Sakibayeva S.А., Zharylkasyn P.M., Pusurmanova G.Zh., Sagitova G.F., Esentayeva K.N., Makhambetov M.Zh.

Application of oil industry wastes (sludges and sulfur) in rubber production 185-189

  • Alzhanova A.Zh., Bitekova A.А., Suleimbek G.A., Dubinina E.S., Turebekova G.Z., Omashova G.Sh., Naukenova A.S., Shapalov Sh.K.

New raw materials for energy-efficient production technology of white Portland cement 190-194



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