of National academy
of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

GEOLOGY series


About the Journal

     The journal "News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Series of geology and technology sciences" was founded in 1940. The founder and publisher of the journal is the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The journal has a developed and approved cover and title pages indicating the academy, issue output, ISSN, eISSN, editorial board composition, editorial policy, publication ethics, and website. The journal is published 6 times a year.

     The journal articles are registered in the CrossRef database and each author's article is necessarily assigned a DOI-a digital object identifier that is used to provide citations, references, and access to electronic documents.

     The journal is indexed by the Kazakhstan Citation Database (KazBC) of JSC "National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise" (NCGNTE).

     The editorial board of the journal includes leading Kazakh and foreign scientists.

     The journal follows the policy of information openness and accessibility of authors publications, articles are published on the journal's website in three languages in full-text access.

     The purpose of the journal is to disseminate scientific information and attract new authors. The journal initiates discussions on the publication of reports on major scientific research of a priority nature.

     The objectives of the journal: To accept original high-quality scientific articles that have not been previously published and have not been submitted for publication in another journal.

     Rely on the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in relation to copyright and the generally accepted provisions on publication ethics in the world practice. Focus on the coverage of publications in the following specialties: Geology and mineral processing (geology, hydrogeology, mining, thermochemical methods of mineral ore dressing, geography); Oil and gas and chemical research (oil and gas geology, chemistry, chemical and technological processing of oil and gas, metallurgy). Industrial ecology and bio-safety (ecology of oil and gas fields, technology of cleaning from sulfur and other toxic industrial waste, biological treatment of water basins and soils, neutralization of toxic gases).

     Provide results in all major areas of Russian geological and technical science and practice.

     Provide reviews of the latest literature.

     Thematic areas of the magazine

     The journal covers a wide range of research results on domestic geological and technical science and practice.

     The payment receipt for the publication in pdf format is sent by the author (s) to the e-mail address of the editorial board of the journal.